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Kinesiology is used to release stress stored in the body to optimise the body’s natural healing process and achieve maximum potential for health and wellbeing. Kinesiology has the ability to explore deep into the energetic, physical, emotional and mental organisation of the body to uncover blockages that affect health and wellbeing and to bring about profound change. Kinesiology is one of the greatest tools to uncover who we truly are and what is possible to achieve for our wellbeing.

The different types of Kinesiology I bring into my sessions are:

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology which offers techniques to access and defuse stress in the nervous system.

Wellness kinesiology including Nutritional Testing, Biokinetic Exercises and Energy Centres which look at how deeply stress effects the body and gives us ways to diffuse that stress quickly and effectively.

Vibrational Kinesiology which combines applied and educational kinesiology to correct malfunctions in the electrical field around which we are built and around which we function.

Aromatic Kinesiology combines Kinesiology with the healing properties and emotional benefits of Aromatherapy essential oils and

Touch for Health which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy, body functions, meridians, Chakras and how they are connected to muscles, organs, emotions to diffuse stress.

Touch for Health Workshops I run these workshops 3 times a year over 4 weekends . It is a certified world recognised foundation course for Kinesiology

Craniosacral therapy on the knee

You can read about how I discovered the power of this therapy in my blog here.

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Sinead Sugrue
B.A, CST-T, Dip Kin, SPICA

A registered qualified Kinesiologist, Craniosacral Therapist and Aromatherapist, Sinead has worked with children, teenagers and adults with a wide variety of health and emotional issues.

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