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Since the opening of Martinstown Holistic Centre over thirteen years ago my aim has been to provide a warm, reassuring environment for people to safely go to the places within themselves to heal. My clinic is perfectly located in a beautifully quiet and peaceful countryside setting.

The therapy room is calm, warm and still. My focus is to be present, to put people at ease, providing them with a safe space to experience and express whatever emotions come up for them during the session. I apply knowledge from twenty years’ experience to facilitate a process where clients find their own answers, not always confined to the verbal or conscious level. It is very much an individual unique journey often described as bringing peace and a tangible understanding of oneself.

As a registered qualified Kinesiologist, Craniosacral Therapist and Aromatherapist, I have worked with children, teenagers and adults with a wide variety of health and emotional issues.

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Through my work, I have supported clients through emotional issues that often stem back to birth and childhood. These issues if not dealt with can resurface during challenges in school, relationships, the client giving birth themselves to their own baby, parenting, illness or dying. These are all opportunities for change and rebalance.

Before working in complementary therapy, I qualified with an honours B.A from the University of Ulster and worked as a Human Resources Manager in two multinational companies. Recently I began studying a Masters (MBs) in Psychology to gain a deeper knowledge of human behaviour and to combine the cognitive with the holistic approach of complementary medicine. I am a mother of four and in my spare time I enjoy hillwalking, sea swimming and playing piano. I am a member of Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists, Kinesiology Association of Ireland, and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

What some of our clients think

Working with Sinead has helped me understand the mind/body relationship. During my sessions with her I became clearer on what was happening in me. She helped me observe my thoughts and better develop my senses. Now, I have greater clarity about my feelings and with Sinead’s help I can focus on my true sense of things for making choices and decisions about my life. This has helped me greatly in both my business and my personal relationships.

Brendan, Galway