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Sinead Sugrue B.A, CST-T, Dip Kin, SPICA

‘In order to empathise with someone’s experience you must be willing to believe them as they see it and not how you imagine their experience to be’ Brene Brown

As an enery therapist I will help you access the power of your own natural inner healing process.  There is no technique that replaces that ‘inner physician’.  I will support you in this process, staying neutral, grounded and attentive to your physical or emotional responses as releases begin to happen and a sense of connectedness and integration occurs.  At Martinstown Holistic Centre I have created a peaceful and safe space where you can come to heal and experience therapies that will help you reconnect with your bodys inner natural healing.

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When I go to Sinead it’s usually because I’m worrying about something in school or with friends. When I lie down for a treatment all wrapped in the lovely warm blanket, Sinead lays her hands on me. I feel waves of heat running through me and my body heats up as if there’s something going on in it.

My mind feels it is in space. I feel like I’m floating without a care in the world. After a treatment, I feel tired. It’s draining because of the healing but then after I get a rest I feel great. All the ‘bad’ feelings are cleared away and I have fresh energy

Grace, Age 15, Laois

During one of my sessions with Sinead an image came to me of a duck with golden feathers going down its back into the earth. I didn’t understand the image until I began to feel emotions in my body and a sense something was shifting. Sinead used different healing techniques while the shift was happening which I assumed helped it along.

She asked me a series of questions while this energy work took place. I felt my perspective changing on a particular issue I had with my work. Instead of seeing my work as an obstacle to my creative expression I could now see it as a ‘playground’ for that creativity. What amazed me was nothing at all had changed in my life circumstances and yet everything about how I felt was different.

By the end of the session my body felt relieved, relaxed. Everything was happening as it should. Since that session I have felt empowered to apply this experience to many other things that appeared conflicting in my life. Sinead is more than a mentor, more than a facilitator, more than an energy worker. She recognized a beauty in me that I didn’t know was there and helped me find a way of bringing that beauty out.

Emer, Kildare

From going to Sinead I believe there is always a reason for my being in a particular life situation. When I am ‘stuck’ I use that ‘stuckness’ to show me what I am not seeing about my life. Sinead drills down to what is relevant in the moment. She guides and reflects while I describe, from my own sense, what I feel. She calls herself a facilitator but, for me, she is much, much more. She is a conscious guide, who very simply encapsulates that which changes everything from within.

She does this within a process of enormous personal clarity and honesty. Sinead really cares and her sessions are progressive and emotionally rich. She is like a compass, helping me find the right direction to go. I leave my recurring behaviors behind and I claim the path which makes my own conditions for living my life.

Marion, Kilkenny

Working with Sinead has helped me understand the mind/body relationship. During my sessions with her I became clearer on what was happening in me. She helped me observe my thoughts and better develop my senses. Now, I have greater clarity about my feelings and with Sinead’s help I can focus on my true sense of things for making choices and decisions about my life. This has helped me greatly in both my business and my personal relationships.

Brendan, Galway

When I first came to Sinead I would describe myself as feeling all over the place as if there was ‘dandelion fluff’ floating inside my body with no real sense of what I was feeling or what issues I had. Sinead brought a manageable form to my emotions and unresolved issues. During the session I found I was able to confront, face, feel, relate to and ultimately find a new and different way of looking at myself. Over a number of months working with Sinead I experienced how she worked as fluidly and easily with transgenerational imprints as with things that had happened the week before.

She normalized everything and I felt safe in my healing and emotional expression. During the process with her, I learned to work with my own body wisdom, something I hadn’t even known existed before that. I experienced how every atom of my being is capable of doing what is right for me.

Phil, Co. Laois

I feel very safe working with Sinead. She seems to intuitively know where in my body tissue my issues are held and she has a way of supporting me to connect to my body and take notice of what I am feeling without getting into the drama around the issue.

During a session I often find myself following a movement of emotion in my body that seems to know what to do itself and by the end of the session I feel clear and empowered. I have also begun to practice at home what I do in the sessions. It’s like a wonderful gift that brings me great relief. Working with Sinead I have learned to change perspective on my issues, make better decisions and feel more peaceful in myself.

Samantha, Wicklow.

I was around ten when I first went to Sinead and she helped me overcome my nightmares of bears. I can remember a feeling of running through the forest knowing the bears were all around me yet I could watch them because I felt safe knowing Sinead was with me and I could ask her anything if I needed to. When I just watched the bears and watched myself feeling afraid I realized I was really happy and relaxed knowing they wouldn’t harm me. It’s hard to explain how it happened.

Around the time of my state exams Sinead gave me techniques– putting my hands of my knees, closing my eye and feeling, and taking deep breaths. The techniques kept me relaxed and calm before, during and after my exams. I still use the techniques any time I need them.

John, Age 17, Co. Dublin

I first met Sinead when I attended the Touch for Health Kinesiology Course she taught a few years ago. Sinead is a wonderful tutor. During her course she reminded me of what we all inherently know but so easily lose sight of which is that we each individually have the ability to heal ourselves and through looking inwards we can find our own answers.

Once we are open to and acknowledge our emotions, true healing takes place. Sinead has the wonderful gift of facilitating the healing process. She used a range of therapies during my sessions to meet my individual needs. Her gentle non-judgmental approach immediately put me at ease and provided me with a safe space to experience and express whatever emotions come up for me during the session. I have learnt a great deal about myself through my sessions with Sinead and have recommended her to friends and family who have all returned to her. Her clinic is perfectly located in a beautifully quiet and peaceful place in the countryside. To anyone who is open to and willing to embark on their own personal journey to inner healing, I would definitely recommend Sinead.

Denise, Athlone

Sinead helped me deal with my personal experiences of Bullying and Anxiety. I felt safe and secure to open up and discuss my problems with her. She is a good listener and I felt as if I was chatting to a friend. I felt a sense of calmness in her presence so therefore I was relaxed during the session.

The atmosphere of the therapy room is peaceful and calm. Candles are lit, soft music is playing in the background and a warm, snug bed helped create this peaceful feeling. Sinead provided me with coping mechanisms, breathing and reiki techniques to help me deal with my issues. Sinead is a caring and empathetic person and she is genuinely interested in helping others. She puts her heart and soul into each session

Beth, Aged 13, Limerick

I first met Sinead when I was diagnosed with a very serious illness. After just two visits, I was at peace and able to cope with what I had been diagnosed with. After my medical treatment, I returned to Sinead and she helped me to resolve my internal turmoil without always having dialogue. The images or colours I saw during the sessions seemed to do their own thing and bring me great peace without having to get into heavy discussions around my issues.

Every session was always so organic and Sinead somehow helped me to move the blocked emotions I had held for years and find inner peace. She also worked with my wife and me to help us deal with our relationship. I learned in that time how so much of what I think is in someone else is in fact in me and because it is in me I can do something with it. That was very empowering.

Sinead has a wonderful gift, impossible to describe in words, but one which can be beautifully experienced.

Pat, Dublin

Sinead provides a warm, reassuring environment for me to safely go to the places within myself. While I am on the plinth she brings her essence into the session and applies her deep knowledge of healing. I feel the noise of my personalities and dramas are bypassed and my ‘higher self’ is accessed, the layers and stories gently laid aside and I am in contact with who I am. It is like I am being dropped into this sort of ‘place’ within myself.

Once in that space, I know everything is perfect and anything that isn’t working anymore falls away. The form that represents where I am in a given moment comes sometimes in an image, other times as a feeling, a sensation of something moving inside me or a memory that in some way relates to the present event. When someone can be as present as Sinead is in that session the work we do together is not confined to the verbal or conscious level. The greatest thing I have learned about myself from my work with Sinead is that I am not my stories and they do not define me. When I accept this fact I know there is nothing I cannot do.

Elaine, Co. Kildare
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Meet Sinead Sugrue

Since the opening of Martinstown Holistic Centre over thirteen years ago my aim has been to provide a warm, reassuring environment for people to safely go to the places within themselves to heal. My clinic is perfectly located in a beautifully quiet and peaceful countryside setting. The therapy room is calm, warm and still.

My focus is to be present, to put people at ease, providing them with a safe space to experience and express whatever emotions come up for them during the session. I apply knowledge from twenty years’ experience to facilitate a process where clients find their own answers, not always confined to the verbal or conscious level. It is very much an individual unique journey often described as bringing peace and a tangible understanding of oneself.

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